3 reasons why learning Spanish with games works

Updated: Jan 14

Think about the last time you were trapped in a boring meeting, or you were at the movies watching a lengthy film you had no interest in but felt it would be rude if you got up in the middle of it and just left. Now, think about how much you actually remember about this meeting or movie... probably not much.

We tend to remember more when you are interested and engaged in an activity, and humor and entertainment are probably one of the best ways to activate the brain and, thus, enhance our memory. The more fun we have, the more we remember and learn.

This is why, a few months ago, I started hosting a series of events on MeetUp called "Learn Spanish through games". In this series, we do a number of, now well-loved, games such as: Jeopardy, Scattergories and Trivia. All in Spanish and about Spanish grammar and vocabulary.

Today, I would like to talk about 3 reasons why I believe learning Spanish with games is not only fun but why it is also efficient:

  1. Think fast: When you are playing games and competing, you often need to think fast in order to win. If you are learning Spanish, this is a great skill to harness. After all, when you are talking, you want to speak as fluent as you can. With games such as Scattergories, you will need to work against the clock to come up with words starting with a specific letter of the alphabet for each category before you run out of time. Talk about a brain workout!

2. Learn with others. Build community: Would you host a game night at home just for yourself? Probably not. Half the fun of playing games is playing with others and feeling the adrenaline of (healthy) competition. When we play in a group not only do we get to learn from others but fun times are guaranteed! And the more a group plays together, the better. Inside jokes are born, we loosen up and we get to know each other well to truly form a community and learn together.

3. Learn in context and remember forever: The number one key to mastering a language, whether be Spanish or any other language in the world, is to learn in context. Learning or trying to memorize isolated words just doesn't work (I'm looking at you, Duolingo!). When you immerse yourself in a game such as Live Jeopardy or Trivia, you learn Spanish by connecting new knowledge to facts or memories already store in your brain. This allows you to not only get better at retrieving what you already know, but also, learn faster as it allows you relate to the new vocabulary and grammar structures in the game.

Want in? Join my MeetUp group and start playing with us! It's free!

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